One of the biggest challenges for a wildlife conservation project like Esperanza Verde definetely is the arrival of a large groups of animal. Every single animal requires and definitely deserves our full attention, providing this for over twenty animals at the same time might feel overwhelming at first. Luckily, we always have a very dedicated team of volunteers, who, together with the management team and the local workers, make the seemingly impossible happen.
This spring the ministry donated not only birds and monkeys of different species, but also reptiles like caimans, snakes and tortoises. On top of that we received a tamandua, an agouti, a paka and a porcupine. As soon as word arrives in Esperanza Verde about an animal delivery of that size, preparations are made: cages geared up, fruit and vegetables cut, everyone keeps busy. On arrival each individual gets an initial health check, some of them lucky enough to be released right after their quarantine period. Others spend some more time under our care, to later join the outside group of our resident animals. The juvenile animals among them need a bigger share of attention. In this case it was the baby tamandua Kassai. For the moment it is the regular supply with milk, that keeps everyone awake. Soon it will be a growing hunger for termites and ants that will require the whole teams effort.