Over the last few months our new Quarantine Facility has really started to take shape. This project was only possible thanks to a generous donation from Jaap van de Graaf, a Dutch foundation. 

At 60m2 the new quarantine building is a major undertaking. Building anything in a remote region of the Amazon jungle comes with is challenges and such a big construction has really put our team to the test. However this month the walls have been gaining height as row upon row of new bricks have been laid. The drainage system is complete and we can see the end in sight.

When animals first arrive at our rescue centre they must spend at least four weeks in quarantine separated from the other animals. This both protects our resident animals from any disease the new animals might be carrying, but also gives us the opportunity to observe the new animals and assess their health and treatment requirements. Once this quarantine facility is completed we will have a much-needed new facility to house these animals and carry out this vital work.