Meet the Corona crew !
Episode 5 : Geiler

Geiler is one of the permanent workers at EV and a very important part of the Corona Crew. According to himself, his most important job is getting bananas and papayas for the animals, but in fact he does a lot more for this project. After working here for 6 years already, he knows almost everything at EV. He is always there to help out when there is a problem, he is indispensable for the constructions of new enclosures and if necessary he also helps out with the animals.

Do you want to learn more about Geiler ? Read the full interview ! :

When did you start to work in EV?

I started to work here in June 2014

Why did you start to work in EV?

Because I loved the work and I also wanted to keep getting to know all the animals.

What is your main job here in EV?

Right now my main job is getting bananas and papayas for the animals.

What do you like about the jungle?

What I love the most about the jungle is all the animal life in it.

What is the hardest part of working here in EV?

I don’t really have any hard work in EV, it’s all for a good cause!

What do you like about the work in EV?

I like that I can learn a lot, that I have many different experiences and that I get to know new ways of working.

What is your favorite job?

I like building cages more than other stuff but I don’t really have a favorite job.

Do you like having contact with the volunteers, and if yes, why?

Yes, its genius and I like talking and sharing all kinds of experiences.

Would you like to do the volunteers job for a week?

Yes I would like that.

What is your opinion about the trafficking of animals?

I think that the government should make stricter decisions so that the people understand that animals are a not to be used as goods, that we should respect animal life and that animals should stay in their own habitat.