We support Esperanza Verde in Peru via various charitable organisations:

President: Dr. Philipp Zerbe
Vice President: Lauren Young
Treasurer: Adrian Zerbe
Secretary: Dr. Lea Carisch

United Kingdom
Trustees: Lauren Young, Iain Braid, Graham Young
UK Registered Charity No. 1176480
Website: Lukas Bischofberger

Philipp Zerbe

Dr. Philipp Zerbe is the founder of the Swiss association and the President of Esperanza Verde International. He is a veterinarian with broad wildlife knowledge and worked together with the managers of Esperanza Verde many years ago in Ecuador as a volunteer. As president of EVI he
is managing the global topics and advises the management in Peru. Under his guidance EVI has developed into an international organization, working together with different NGOs and partners and providing funding to Esperanza Verde in Peru.

Lauren Young

Lauren Young is the founder of the UK Charity and the Vice President of Esperanza Verde
International. She has worked with Esperanza Verde in Peru since 2014, after starting as a
volunteer but then quickly taking on the role of Assistant Manager for almost a year. Since returning to the UK she became Communications Manager for the project in Peru, managing the volunteer intake and social media platforms. Alongside this, she helps coordinate the efforts of EVI and provide funding to the project in Peru. In 2019 she ran the London Marathon (42km) to fundraise for EV. Lauren has recently started an MSc in “Conservation and International Wildlife Trade” at the University of Kent, and in the near future she will join the management team in Peru on a long-term basis.

Juliane Sen

Juliane Sen is the President of the German association Förderverein Esperanza Verde e.V.. She worked with Olivia and Douwe, the managers of Esperanza Verde, a few times many years ago in Ecuador. Knowing the outstanding work and dedication of Olivia and Douwe, she wanted to stay involved and help them found their own wildlife rescue centre and conservation project, Esperanza Verde in Peru. In 2010 Juliane was a founding member of the German association Förderverein Esperanza Verde e.V. which aims to provide financial aid and source volunteers.

Adrian Zerbe

Adrian Zerbe is the Finance Manager of Esperanza Verde International and coordinates the finances for all the supporting associations. After his high school graduation, he worked in Esperanza Verde in Peru as a volunteer for several months and continued to support the Esperanza Verde associations afterwards. As a student of Political Science & Public Administration he specialises in statistics and environmental issues. In his function as Finance Manager, he is responsible for the central book-keeping and aggregation of EVI’s donations. He keeps an eye on the bigger picture and coordinates the donation transfers to Esperanza Verde in Peru.

Carole Schuppisser

Carole Schuppisser is the co-founder of the Swiss association and treasurer of Esperanza Verde Switzerland. She is a certified veterinarian specialising in small animal internal medicine and she has always been interested in wildlife. She had a very adventurous, educational and exciting time as a volunteer with Esperanza Verde in Peru and would love to go there again someday. As treasurer of EV Switzerland she is proud to see that even small donations can make a big difference and is touched by the progress EV Peru has made in recent years for wildlife and education.

Florian Schärer

Florian Schärer coordinates the members of EVI. He finished his masters in veterinary medicine in 2017 and currently works in a clinic for small animals. During his studies, he first became involved with Esperanza Verde by helping to transfer medical knowledge and supplies from Switzerland to Peru. Overwhelmed by the project, with all its warmth, passion, well-built facilities and dedication to help animals, he decided to become more than just a donator. In 2018, he took over the task of coordinating the Swiss members. Not long afterwards, he took on the challenge of coordinating all the international members of EVI.

Katja Schönbächler

Katja Schönbächler is the Vice President of the Swiss association and is a veterinarian focused on exotic animals and wildlife. She started as a volunteer in Esperanza Verde in 2014 and came back for another short period in 2016. Soon after her first stay, she wanted to get more involved with the project. Since then she manages the social media platform of the Swiss association, gives talks about the project in universities and schools, and helps with funding from Switzerland. After finishing her doctoral thesis in a zoo in Switzerland, Katja is planning to join the team of Esperanza Verde in Peru on a long-term basis.

Anne-marie Wieringa

Anne-marie Wieringa is chairman of the Dutch association Esperanza Verde Nederland. She has studied Animal Management in Holland together with the managers Olivia and Douwe. She visited them when they were working at Amazoonico in Ecuador. Anne-marie also volunteered in Esperanza Verde in 2019. Together with the other board members from the Dutch association she provides funding for Esperanza Verde in Peru.