Providing veterinary care and nutrition for all of our rescued animals is very complicated and expensive. By adopting an animal today, you can help cover the costs of an animal’s food and care for an entire year.

What do you get in return?
If you adopt an animal you will receive a personalized PDF certificate and a photo of your adopted animal. You will also be mentioned by name on our website’s thank you page. If you are a UK Tax payer your donation could also be eligible for Gift Aid. If you are interested then please contact us today via email ([email protected]).


Mayantu, a large headed female capuchin, was carried here on the arm by a young girl from the village in December 2017, only 6 weeks old. Her mother was shot and eaten by the family and she was taken home as a pet. Very skinny, but alert and active, we took her under our care. It brings back memories of the beginning, when we took care of the first monkey of Esperanza Verde, Mica, now a healthy adult female brown capuchin. Mayantu, with part of her tail missing, which happened when they killed her mother, has adapted very well and has joined the bigger group of capuchins living in and nearby Esperanza Verde.

Adopted by Ursula Bachem

Kinkajou (Potos flavus), Male
Born: 2015

As a tiny cub, Kiko was brought to Esperanza Verde by a resident of the local village of Bello Horizonte. He is very active and growing stronger every day. Kiko is now old enough to be reintroduced into the jungle, however every time our team has attempted this, he has been attacked an injured by another wild Kinkajou. Help us provide for Kiko while he resides at our Rescue Centre and adopt him today.

Adopted by Ewald Visser und Marije Bosman

Woolly Monkey (Lagothrix), female
Born: 2015

Chiquita was discovered in a market in Pucallpa where she was dressed as a Princess and her finger nails were painted with nail polish. Fortunately, she was confiscated and brought here to Esperanza Verde. Like many other baby monkeys, her mother had been killed by poachers and she was sold into the illegal wildlife trade. Now safely at our Rescue Centre she is being hand raised by our team and has quickly become a favourite of everyone.

Adopted by family Schönbächler

Brown Capuchin (Cebus apella), female
Born: 2010

Mica was given over to our Rescue Centre at the end of 2010 by a local villager. She was very small and had to be hand raised by our team. When Mica was first released into the jungle she struggled to detach herself from human beings. However more recently she has made impressive progress and has developed a strong attachment to the wild group of Capuchins. To our joy she has given birth to her first baby beginning of 2018.

Adopted by Bigna Schulthess