You can now support your favourite animal or sponsor the planting of a tree. By buying a support or tree certificate you are actively helping our work at Esperanza Verde.

Reforestation is a very important part of our work in Peru, and by buying a tree certificate you can help us reforest the areas of rainforest previously lost to logging and farming. Our trees start life as seeds in our tree nursery and when they reach a height of around 1.5m, they are planted in the rainforest.
We keep a record of the location of every tree and they are regularly inspected and maintained for several years.

The animals we receive are usually in a very poor condition and need a lot of care and attention before they can be released. All animals undergo a quarantine period and then undergo a period of rehabilitation. Sometimes we can quickly release an animal back into the wild. On other occasions the process takes a lot longer, especially if they are very used to human contact. Unfortunately some of our animals can never be released and they will reside and be cared for at our Rescue Centre for life.